FlowBoot Performance Wraps

These wraps are my favorite ever!  I've always been a wrapper and can't seem to get along with sport boots.  Our horses tend to work so hard that it's tough to keep boots in place and our polos get holes burned in them sometimes the very first time we use them.  There's also the concern that boots don't have enough support and polos don't have enough protection.

FlowBoot fixed those problems!  The Performance Insert gives you the hit protection of a boot, and the stretchy wraps give you more protection than a normal polo.  Wrapping against the insert rather than directly against the tendon reduces the concern of injuring your horse by wrapping them incorrectly.  

We have two options for wraps.  The first is our Neoprene Water Resistant Wrap.  They're awesome for the summer rodeos where you're invariably going to run in the mud at some point.  They seal off the mud and dirt from getting under the wrap and on your horse's legs.  They also absorb very little water and don't get heavy and nasty like a sport boot will.  These are available in Red, Black, Leopard, Pink, or Purple.

The second type of wrap are a Breathable more durable Saratoga type wrap. They're super stretchy and offer a lot of support.  I use these on my horse's rear legs as they are tougher and hold up to our hard turning barrel horse's abuse. These are available in Black or White.

Performance Inserts - $60/pair

Neoprene Wraps - $25/pair

Breathable Wraps - $30/pair




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