MagnaCu Stifle Wraps

The Go-to item in our therapy arsenal...

MagnaCu Stifle Wraps

If you want them to get down, be comfortable in their turns, and continue to want to work run after run....Go the extra mile for your horses and take care of those Stifles!


$255 Shipped - Worth every bit of time, money, and effort.

If you tell me you can't keep them on, then spend a little more time with your horse....brushing, wrapping legs, braiding manes and tails, etc. Dedication produces results.

These copper infused magnetic wraps offer compression on the areas of the Stifle and Gaskin/Hamstring. There is no limit to the amount of time your horse can wear these.  They are an at rest therapy item and your horse should not be left to walk around in them.  We use them as much as we possibly can and leave them on until we get ready to ride.…/magnacu-stifle-wraps

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