Hay-rite...You don't know what you think you know!

It was announced today that I will be the new Oklahoma Marketing Director for Hay-rite! 

....I know, crazy.  Until I gave up my preconceived notions about the products that I had seen, but hadn't tried, I thought I knew all I needed to know.  When my life finally got so busy that I had no choice but to step back and evaluate where all of my hours were being spent.   That's when I realized that I needed to make some big changes.  Re-arranging finances, scheduling, work requirements with G7 Ranches, and simplifying everything I possibly could led me to look outside of the safety of my comfort zone regarding my horse feed.

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I have been forever changed by the "feed fiasco" of 2015.  I will never go back to commercialized concentrated feeds full of byproducts, no matter how pretty the bags are.  The education that I was afforded by what my horses and I endured will forever be a blessing to me.  I have tried a couple of feed programs since then and was very pleased with what I had settled on.....but, I also stopped looking.  

When I humbled myself and reached out to a friends of mine who had been feeding Hay-rite products I knew I needed to drop the attitude that I had developed and see for myself.  Initiating a covert operation involving my great friend and conspirator Julie Crews seeking out a bag of the Hay-rite Complete Performance Pellets so that I wouldn't be seen buying them myself proved to be a very successful mission!  She tried them and mailed me some and that's basically the end of the story...

We arranged to meet in Weatherford, bought some pellets and a variety of cubes to try out at home, and had some excellent Mexican food.  As I distributed samples to all of our different horses I found that majority favored the cube that I thought was the hardest of all of them....The Hay-rite Premium Alfalfa Mini Cube is what they will dig and find in their feeders when mixed with a selection of others.  

The Complete Performance Pellets though.....mercy, these are going to be a game changer!  Alfalfa meal, Rice Bran, a balance of three different kinds of oil including flax and coconut, and a full vitamin and mineral pack...what else do you need?  Oh, and the NSC is only 7.08!  They're soft like a Sr feed and my 30+ year old girls love them...the drooling is ridiculous, lol 

There are no words to express my gratitude for the support that I have received in my endeavors to bring the safest, healthiest equine nutrition to the state of Oklahoma....other than a huge THANK YOU!  Please allow me to answer any questions that you may have regarding Hay-rite Cubes or Pellets.  I am prepared to do my very best to make them available to anyone that is ready to give them a try.  If you see Pj, Savvy, or me at any barrel race please don't hesitate to ask about any of the cubes or pellets that you are interested in.  I'll make sure that I have some samples in the trailer.  


CUBE NEWS..... Press Release!

Rachel Ganzkow of Beggs, OK has joined HAY-RITE as Oklahoma Marketing Director, effective immediately.

Rachel comes to us with several years of Feed Sales & Marketing experience and is very familiar with the Oklahoma Network of Dealers.


Rachel's passion is Feed Safety and that was the common thread between us. Her search for feeds and forages that are Safe and Consistently HIGH Quality, with an Uninterrupted Supply, brought her to HAY-RITE. She says it was the Superior Grade Alfalfa Mini Cubes and our NEW Complete Performance Pellets that tipped the scales.

Here's what Rachel has to say:

Sometimes you don't know, what you don't know. Seeing that a product that I had been dreaming about had finally been produced definitely caught my attention. The Hay-Rite Complete Performance Pellet is going to change everything for so many horses and owners.

While I was convinced that my horses wouldn't like an alfalfa cube that was so much firmer than what they had been eating for over two years, I was proven wrong. The Hay-Rite Premium Mini Cube has become the new favorite in my barn. No waste whatsoever, fresh smelling, totally natural and 100% 
Rachel Ganzkow

From Crop Circles to Winner's Circles,
Expect the Best from HAY-RITE.com

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