MagnaCu Bell Boots

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Magnetic bells boots are designed to help relieve symptoms of navicular, abscess, quarter cracks, etc.

Each bell boot contains 7 ceramic magnets strategically placed to give the hoof therapy where needed.


MagnaCu products combine the best of PHT and CuHorse products and:

  • promote oxygenation of tissues
  • wound repair
  • tissue repair
  • fight infection
  • reduce fluid retention
  • support biological healing
  • reduce inflammation
  • normalize acid base balance
  • relieve/stop pain and other symptoms
  • aid in reducing calcium deposits
  • promote growth of healthy tissue
  • help relieve soreness
  • facilitate recovery
  • are odor resistant
  • are made of fabric that wicks away moisture
  • reduce heat and provide cooling


MagnaCu Equine Products

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