RED MagnaCu Sheet w/Leopard

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The New RED Mesh MagnaCu Sheets are on order!  Get yours now from the inventory I have on pre-order.  These sheets give the same amazing results that our Black and White MagnaCu Sheets are known for, just a new vivid color.

Blanket features closed front, elastic leg straps, and contoured fit.

Our MagnaCu Blanket is designed to keep your horse fully balanced with our strategically placed magnets on major acupuncture meridians and points. The mesh portion of the blanket is copper infused fabric. This combination provides soothing delivery of magnetic therapy and copper therapy. The blanket addresses the major muscle groups, as well as the stomach and lung meridians. Great for those sore muscles as well as the finicky eater and bleeder. Whether you are going on a short or long trip, this magnetic horse blanket gives you the confidence that your horse is ready to compete when you arrive. Our blanket is made of a copper infused mesh which is cool in the summer or can be used under a winter blanket when the temperatures drop. The magnets we use are 3850 Gauss Grade 8 Ceramic Unipolar. Remember this is the only magnetic/copper horse blanket designed to keep your horse going down the road. Helps reduce muscle soreness, aids in respiratory problems, reduced incidents of colic, reduced incidents of stomach ulcers, and better digestion in your horse.


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